A Horror Weekend

I’ve been trying to think of something to post here, but nothing interesting came to mind, so I decided to mention my weekend, which wasn’t as good as I wanted because of the weather and other small things, but I won’t now. A friend of mine has a blog and she has posted today. Her title is ‘A Horror Weekend.’ Holy cow, and I was going to talk about the small inconveniences I had. I was worried so I went to her blog and read all about the horror.


That’s what it was. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with clickbait under certain specifically defined circumstances. Specifically if I do the clickbait and it works to get thousands of views and I make a ton of cash in the process. Clickbait is certainly wrong if I fall for it. That’s immoral.

What am I gong to do about it? Well, I’m going to comment on her blog, that’s what. That’ll show her what I think. Now, she’s a bit obstroperous, so she may cut up rough, but I can weather that. I’m not afraid.

Here’s a viddie, appropos of nothing much, just part of a story I’m working on…

The Thoughts of a Wannabe Robot

Hi there. It’s been a long long time since I posted last but I’m here again.

The specific reason I’m posting now is my friend over at The Thoughts of a Wannabe Robot has a problem. She posts posts most days (unlike me) and she includes a video for each post. But today she can’t add a vid to her post.

Oh dear. What can I do?

I know. I’ll post on of my fave videos for her here. She can see it and hate it at her leisure.

It’s nearly Christmas and I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very merry Christmas. Have a good one.

And I have a message for my friend, Stevie. She is interested in one of my characters, Faeryfaye, and wants to play her when my story takes to the stage or screen. Well, Stevie, just to give you perspective, I modelled her, physically, off Jacqui McShee. You can see a picture of her on this blog, my first post in fact. She’s the lead singer in Pentangle and I have a Pentangle video up there.

And to compliment Faeryfaye as someone to copy, here’s the video to go with her character…

Or perhaps not?

My Next Story

Have you noticed my first posts are almost identical? I just have. I thought one of them didn’t go, for some reason, so I did another. Oh well.

I’m coming to the end of a rather long story now and I am glad. This one has been an effort. Basically, it’s one I wanted to write, but I didn’t have a plot or anything like that. I just knew the main characters and the ending. So, I just went ahead and started writing what seemed natural at that time. And you know what? A story started to emerge. A story with a coherent plot as well.

I just kept on writing when I had the time and now I’m nearing the end. There are a couple of characters in there I ‘borrowed’, with permission, from another author I like. I’m sure she will rethink her generosity when she sees what I’ve done with her characters so far. And that’s not counting what’s going to happen to them when I finish up. It’s fun sometimes writing stuff like this.

Anyway, I do know I’m going to have to go back and do a lot of editing. I kept on adding situations or events that depended on being set up further back in the story, which I didn’t do. Now I’ve invented a monster to add in earlier. It fits, but I’ve just seen that recently. So, all my characters, well, the ones that are left, that is, are going to have a right royal battle. I wonder who will win. And that’s not an idle thought. I don’t know as of yet.

The Journey Begins

My First Post

Well, I assume most people will spend a lot of time creating an awesome first post on their new blog. Sorry about this, but I’m not. Instead I’m going to inform you I have a follower!

That’s right. I have a follower even before I posted my first post. Now, the question that occurs to me is, is my follower sane or not? And if not, am I in any danger. I’m not going to identify my follower. After all, I don’t want to antagonise her. But it’ll be all right as she will be the only one to read this.

I’ve had a look at the blog my follower, henceforth known as Follower, has, and it’s rather large. She’s put a lot of effort into hers. Effort I don’t intend to put into mine. One thing she does is always add a video at the end of each of her posts. Therefore, I’ll copy her and do the same. Her videos have some tenuous relevance to the theme of her particular post, but mine doesn’t. I just like it. It’ll go at the end of this if I can work out how to add it.